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Specular Graphics Pvt Limited is one of the leading organization in the space of Virtual Reality/AR/3D Animation services and Scale Models. The Studio was founded in Februray 2007 with passion by young and dynamic professionals.

We at specular graphics pvt ltd, as a team working with high skills, to improve our quality of work. As a team we have plenty of experience in domestic and international market.

Collaboration, Integrity, Passion & Quality

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Virtual Reality &
Augmented Reality

Connecting Immersive experience with digital future. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality devices of the future will provide personalized, accessible and well-designed, immersive experiences. As these elements take hold, a platform shift is imminent.

Specialize in

Flythrough and Walkthrough Architectural Animations

We are in the rendering service for over a decade and we give realistic renderings, with very cost effective to meet client requirements. We create your Imagination into 3D Realistic walkthrough for your infrastructure animations. You plan we create your imaginations into animations. We have completed hundreds of projects on time and on budget.

Expert in

Engineering Animation

We transform your two dimensional ideas into three dimensional stories. Our team has huge experience in creating 3D Models or Animation in Engineering Sector.

Military, Architecture and Engineering

Physical Scale Models

We shape your ideas into physical scale models. Our expert team has vast experience in creating Large, Medium, Small scale models. (size in ratios ex: 1:100)

Expert in

Product Design/Animation

Product design animation is a great way to showcase your product to prospective clients. Our team of experts design accurately as per the actuals.


Character Animations

Do Characters play a role? Imagine a Popeye Character? Character animations always brings life to character on the screen. We has a team professionals have similar strategy to meet high quality of output animations.

Expert in

Scientific Process Animations

We create Beautiful and accurate 3D scientific animation and visual effects for science documentaries, process animations, science education.

360 degree interior/ exterior views

Panoramas, 2D & 3D Isometric views

Look allround thats what it feels in 360 degree. 360 degree videos are a great and easily accessible way for a user for a look around sequence/location.

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