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Who We Are

SPECULAR GRAPHICS is a architectural visualization and 3D modeling and rendering design service. The studio, founded in February 2007, Specular Graphics is a full service practice that is making waves with their modern and progressive technical capabilities and high quality output design philosophies.

We wish to take this opportunity to introduce Specular Graphics as a leading organization in the space of 3D Architectural Visualization Solutions with about 10 plus years of experience!

Why choose us

Why choose our renderings and walkthrough? Many architectural rendering firms are not formally trained in architecture, many come from the background of graphic design and production. Specular Graphics, however are not only trained at elite 3d schools and firms, we progressively improve the knowledge by sharing, studying and practically applying, as a team we have developed a strong sense of how design through the use of our renderings. We solve many technical problems during our rendering process. In addition, we have a strong arsenal of the most advanced techniques and programs that we use custom to the type of project you would like to have. Please visit Services pages in our website at http://www.specularcg.com for more information on our particular skill sets.

Our Portfolio

We specialize in large scale commercial and domestic projects and have experience doing both architectural perspective rendering and walkthroughs.

Mission & Values

Focus on satisfying the needs of our customers, consistently deliver high quality work, providing outstanding service and follow-up, provide an environment that enables our team to flourish and realize its artistic vision.

Deliver exceptional visual communication and service that increases our client’s value, deliver extraordinary visual content and communication that sets Specular Graphics apart from the rest and enhances our value to the customer, establish the SpecularCG signature as a benchmark and standard in the world of global visual communications.

Collaboration: Teaming with you, our customer, to most effectively communicate your ideas through our art. Integrity: Uncompromising honesty and openness in all we do. Passion: Fully focused, dedicated, and enthusiastic in our work ethic and creative art. Quality: Uncompromising original work uniquely tailored to enhance our customer’s value.

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