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Engineering Animation

We understand your need

Specular Graphics Pvt Ltd team of expert animators and engineers understand your business and business needs. We create engineering graphics and animation all the time. Count on us to turn your two-dimensional ideas into three-dimensional stories.

In the first place, we offer a whole solution. Thus the manufacturing industry can use this to market, explain or educate. Hence we produce 3D engineering animation videos for selling and showing new products. We make these for aerospace, oil, gas and mining firms as well.

In the modern engineering industry, utilizing 3-dimensional animations is an indispensable tool

Clients and vendors cannot be required to rely upon 2D sketches to understand what you’re creating, not when there are such vastly available and usable animation and 3D modeling tools that can transform your designs into models on the computer screen that tell the whole story.

A 3D Engineering Animation

A 3D Engineering Animation can help in several industries such as Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architectural Engineering which saves money, improves design efficiency, and smooths out the whole design process of any product.

Our Experience in Engineering Animation


Real Estate

It View your house in 3D right on the table before the house is ready



AR based application to study human organs in an interactive manner.


Tour & Travel

Scan the landmark and explore choice of places and things to do around you while travelling.



Bring digital form to the real world, make customizations, save the product and buy.



AR based training application to learn the process of big machineries in more interactive way.



AR based learning application to make education more entertaining, engaging and interactive.

Engineering Animation Video (Demo)

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