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Product Design/Animation

design describes the process of imagining, creating, and iterating products that solve users' problems or address specific needs in a given market. The key to successful product design is an understanding of the end-user customer, the person for whom the product is being created.

Product animations have a variety of uses, from sending products to the moon to manipulating gravity. Whatever you want your product to do, a 3D product animation company can make it happen for you. 3D animation can result in an incredible product animation, doing what is not possible with live action film.

To give you an idea of the incredible scope of product animation, the team at Specular Graphics Pvt Ltd of what we consider to be the most incredible product animations.

Our Experience in Product Design/Animation


Real Estate

It View your house in 3D right on the table before the house is ready



AR based application to study human organs in an interactive manner.


Tour & Travel

Scan the landmark and explore choice of places and things to do around you while travelling.



Bring digital form to the real world, make customizations, save the product and buy.



AR based training application to learn the process of big machineries in more interactive way.



AR based learning application to make education more entertaining, engaging and interactive.

Product Animation

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